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Jared - Scooby, Amanda - Daphne (the hot one), Conner - Shaggy, Oliver - Fred, Dylan - Scrappy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been awhile.....

So, our last post was October of last year.....Yikes! How time flies when you're having fun!! We are all happy and healthy and hope you are too!

Conner graduated from pre-school, (valedictorian), and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. He might be our little thespian because he is a bit of a "Drama King" at times.... (we were late to church because he refused to get into the van until he got the same piece of candy that Oliver got.....I swear the whole neighborhood heard him "wailing"). He loves to swim, play baseball, ride bikes, and watch Batman anything.

Oliver, (aka "Evil Knievel"), is a BIG 3 and has no problem keeping up with (and knocking over) big brother. He is quite the stuntman and will try just about anything once. They have their days, but for the most part, Conner and Oliver are the best of buds. He's into Spiderman, Superman and Robin and plays any sport you will play with him.

Dylan is now 14 months old, (holy cow!), and is taking his first steps! He wants to play outside with big brothers so badly, but in the meantime, he's eating his veggies and drinking his milk. Amanda says that he's a daddy's boy, but she gets him to stop crying way easier than J does. He can say ma-ma, dat, (dad), and a couple of screeches and squeals which we understand to mean: 'No!' 'Food!' 'Water!' and 'STOP what you're doing and LEAVE ME ALONE!' (That last one is a bit tricky, but he's great at non-verbals as well).

Amanda gets better looking each year. Between keeping up with the three boys and adding Primary Prez. to her resume, she tends to get stressed out once and a while. She does give her hubby a "head's up" on such days which is nice for him so he can be even more loving and caring than he already is on a daily basis. She plays taxi driver, errand runner, secretary, housekeeper, executive chef and master bionicle builder to name a few. What a woman.....Yowza!

As for J, he's still selling tables and chairs to big hotels and convention centers (and little Baptist churches).....yeah, high roller alright! PSHAW! However, he now knows how to build a fence, fix a bathtub drain assembly, do crown molding AND cut into the thumb as close to, but without hitting bone......(seven stitches later.....never mind!) He just got called into the young men's organization with the 16/17 year-olds and is loving it. In his spare time, he's trying to train for the St. George Marathon in October......

Take care, have fun, come back soon.....and we'll update with pics!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

The new house...

Hey all!

Our blogsite is in the works, (temporarily under construction). We finished the remodel to our old house, have moved to a new house, and gone to Mexico all in the last several weeks, so pictures will be forthcoming and plentiful. Have patience and enjoy these for the time being!